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Planter Round Concrete RP Series (RP Round Series)

Planter Round Concrete RP Series

This round concrete planter is available in multiple sizes. See the chart below to determine the size that is right for you.

  RP-24x17   RP Series   24" DIA. x 17"    300 lbs.  
  RP-24x24   RP Series   24" DIA. x 24"    400 lbs.  
  RP-24x33   RP Series   24" DIA. x 33"    420 lbs.  
  RP-30x17   RP Series   30" DIA. x 17"    500 lbs.  
  RP-30x30   RP Series   30" DIA. x 30"    800 lbs.  
  RP-36x24   RP Series   36" DIA. x 24"    800 lbs.  
  RP-36x30   RP Series   36" DIA. x 30"    900 lbs.    
  RP-48x17   RP Series   48" DIA. x 17"    900 lbs.  
  RP-48x24   RP Series   48" DIA. x 24"   1200 lbs. 
  RP-48x30   RP Series   48" DIA. x 30"   1600 lbs.    
  RP-48x36   RP Series   48" DIA. x 36"   1800 lbs.
  RP-60x17   RP Series   60" DIA. x 17"   1200 lbs.  
  RP-60x24   RP Series   60" DIA. x 24"   1750 lbs.
  RP-60x36   RP Series   60" DIA. x 36"   2120 lbs. 
  RP-72x36   RP Series   72" DIA. x 36"   4500 lbs.   
  RP-84x36   RP Series   84" DIA. x 36"   4900 lbs.

Colors will vary slightly on the internet compared to actual product. Samples are available upon request. To contact us for a free sample please use "Contact Us" link from the main menu. Please remember to include your mailing address.

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